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Model in Bikini

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A modern, dual-wavelength platform powering smarter hair removal,  skin rejuvenation, vein treatments, and more. It is equipped with Skintel, which is the industry's only melanin reader.  This allows for providers to accurately know with better precision the patient's skin type thus allowing for a more effective safe treatment.



AREA                          COST PER TREATMENT         20% OFF 7 TREATMENT PACKAGE     


Full Abdomen                     $150                                                  $840

Areola                                  $75                                                   $420

Full Arms                            $265                                                  $1484

1/2 Arms                             $165                                                 $924

Back                                     $345                                                 $1932

Back + Shoulders                $395                                                  $2212

Lower Back                         $155                                                  $868

Beard/front neck                $165                                                  $924

Brazilian Bikini                   $175                                                  $980

Standard Bikini                   $95                                                    $532

Brows                                   $55                                                    $308

Cheeks                                 $75                                                    $420

Chest                                    $225                                                  $1260

Chin                                      $55                                                   $308

Derierre                               $195                                                  $1092

Lower Face Woman            $165                                                  $924

Full Legs                              $375                                                  $2100

Legs 1/2                               $235                                                  $1316

Upper lip                              $55                                                    $308

Back of Neck                        $85                                                    $476

Front of Neck                       $85                                                    $476

Shoulders                             $155                                                  $868

Sideburns                             $75                                                    $420

Underarms                           $95                                                    $532 



AREA                      COST PER TREATMENT             10% OFF 3 TREATMENT PACKAGE     


Full Face                             $325                                                      $879

Partial Face                        $195                                                      $528

Face/Neck/Chest              $475                                                       $1284

Neck                                   $150                                                       $405

Chest                                  $275                                                       $744

Hands                                 $175                                                       $474              


Potenza is an FDA-approved device that uses radiofrequency & microneedling to treat the face and body. The device can treat multiple skin concerns including signs of aging, fine lines/wrinkles, sun damage and more. The Potenza uses both ultrafine needles and radiofrequency to penetrate the skin and trigger a natural repair process that induces production of collagen, elastin, and proteins. 

The treatment will involve a consult with a trained practitioner.  Topical numbing cream will be applied prior to treatment for comfort. Patients can also choose if they would like to add a growth factor or their own plasma rich protein (PRP) to the treatment for an additional cost. By adding one of these treatment modalities, it will enhance the treatment results.


Warm sculpting

SculpSure is a nonsurgical body-contouring treatment. It uses diode-laser energy which permanently destroys fat cells. The device cools the surface of the skin while heating the underlying fat cells in order to destroy them. Once they are destroyed, they are flushed out of the body  by the patient's lymphatic system.

Most patients need at least 2 treatments per area. The treatments are quick with little to no down time.  Results can be seen as soon as six weeks and up to 3 months.  The fat cells targeted will not survive.  However, for best results, patients need to be compliant with a good diet and exercise regimen, because the remaining fat cells can expand with an increase in weight.


 AREA                 SINGLE VISIT               3 VISITS (10% off)

Smile lines               $350                                $945

Eyes                          $350                                $945

Full Face                   $750                              $2025

Cheeks                     $450                               $1215

Forehead                  $450                              $1215

Neck                         $650                              $1755

Face and Neck         $1250                            $3375

Decolletage              $650                              $1755

Full abdomen          $1400                             $3780

1/2 abdomen          $750                               $2025

Arms (back)            $800                               $2160          

Growth factor/tx                                  $150

Plasma Rich Protein/tx                        $250


We recommend setting up a consultation so that our trained staff can give an educated quote for  treatment pricing as sizing of areas vary.  Pricing is based on "Frames", for example 1 body treatment area=4 treatment frames.

1 BODY Treatment area=2 sessions of the same area (6 weeks apart).

1 session=4 SculpSure Frames/BODY treatment area

1 Body Treatment=$1500(2 sessions)

Additional Sessions (3rd or 4th)=$600

Additional 2nd, 3rd or 4th BODY Treatment area

 $1000 per BODY treatment area (2 sessions)

~Additional session add on price

(3rd or 4th)=$550