Suzi has been a nurse for 27 years.  She has worked in a Burn Unit, Pediatric Trauma Unit, Pediatric ICS,  and Neonatal ICU for many years. In 2001, she received her Master’s in Nursing Education.  She taught pediatrics and theory, however, she missed her patient contact and went back to work for a hospital anesthesia group.  She worked for Lincoln Anesthesiology Group as a pre-op nurse, and also as an aesthetic nurse for Prairie Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgery.  In 2016 she graduated from Simmons College and became a board certified Nurse Practitioner.  She worked as mid-level for Dr. Gustavo Machado, and has over 16 years of injectable, laser, and aesthetic medicine experience.


Unlike most individuals who are trained by product representatives, Suzi is set apart from others by the certifications she received from National Laser Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as being a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (CANS). Her certifications included advanced injectables, laser hair removal, IPL(photo facial), sclerotherapy, and chemical peels.  These courses, as well as trainings through Allergan and Gallderma provided her with an amazing experience, as well as her history of working side by side with plastic surgeons.  She has performed hundreds of cheek, lip, and other facial augmentations.  Suzi continues to invest in private trainings with top injectors in the United States, as well as trainings through continuing education and master injector trainings with Galderma and Allergan, to keep up with the latest trends as well as new techniques. She feels that aesthetic nursing is her true passion, and views it as a very delicate art form.

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Nurse Practitioner BSN, MSN, NP-C,



In this industry, training is essential.  As medical professionals, there are not courses that train you for aesthetic medicine unless you are lucky enough to get a rotation with a midlevel or plastic surgeon that does injectables/laser etc... At Refresh Med Spa, we believe that a provider can never stop learning.  Suzi is dedicated to working with the top injectors in the industry to provide her patients with the best and most up-to-date techniques.  She flies in the top injectors for personal training, and attends multiple conferences every year.  Suzi is always excited to learn new techniques, gain new experiences with injections, and recently has incorporated cadaver dissections labs which improve insight into anatomy, and how products integrate with skin/muscles.  Certifications and experience are essential in this industry as State "protocols" are very "gray" as to who can perform certain procedures.  Make sure your provider is trained, knows their anatomy, and is prepared to deal with complications.  Saving a few dollars is not worth a bad outcome.  

Suzi's Favorite Trainers