• Suzi Sailer

Age Is Just A number

YOU are beautiful!  No matter our age, we are really only as old as we feel.  I truly believe that you can be, look, or do anything that your heart desires. While I see beauty in every client that walks through my door, people often don't see that same beauty, and focus on something that bothers them about themselves.  The photograph below is a very different look than most people see when they meet me.  It was so exhilarating  to have professional makeup applied, having 24 inch hair extensions, and gigantic hoop earrings. Would I normally be on a diving board looking like this? NOOOO! But, for a few moments, I felt different, a little more beautiful, and it boosted my confidence.    While I am happy with myself, there is usually something that a person sees in themselves as a flaw.  Others may not even notice this "flaw", but to the individual, it is something they focus on and sometimes want to change.  My point is...if wearing hair extensions for a day, doing a facial to make your face glow, giving your lips a little pout, getting rid of brown spots or doing laser hair, puts a little "pep in your step", or makes you feel a little more confident, then GO FOR IT!  The only person who should pass any judgment is YOU (and maybe your teenage daughter ;). Don't let the stigma associated with taking care of YOU get in the way of YOU feeling beautiful. Remember...Age is just a number.

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