• Suzi Sailer

"Fountain of YOUTH" Microneedling with PRP

Intrinsic, or genetic aging begins as early as our mid-twenties! Our collagen production drops significantly and can have a big impact on the process of aging. Overtime the collagen and elastin in the connective tissues weaken and decrease causing fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows, around the eyes, mouth, chin, and neck. The skin's immunity also decreases as we age which can accelerate or enhance "brown spots", and tiny blood vessels on the face. While many clients choose to inject neurotoxins (botox, dysport), inject filler, or use products to "mask" these signs of aging, we are now realizing through research, how important it is to address skin health first. Since the issue is most likely secondary to the process of aging, if a person starts to do treatments that will increase their own collagen production, and release proteins that will stimulate cell growth, they are essentially using their own body to repair and build. Plasma Rich Protein (PRP) is safe and natural because it comes from your own body. This treatment can be done by injecting the PRP or Microneedling the PRP into the skin. When you come to the office, blood will be drawn and then is spun in a centrifuge to concentrate and increase the number of platelets. The PRP can be directly injected into the are of volume loss. This treatment has a significant effect on fine lines, wrinkles, hair loss, and acne scarring. When micro needling is used, it diminishes wrinkles and signs of aging, evens out pigmentation in the skin, tightens loose skin, improves the appearance of stretch marks and acne scars. It also preps and enhances the skins ability to absorb the products that are used on your skin. The treatments are virtually pain free as we use numbing cream to keep you comfortable. Your results continue to improve over time because your body continues to stimulate collagen production for 300 days or more after the treatment. Call Refresh Medical Spa if you have questions, or for a consultation or treatment today!

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