• Suzi Sailer

High Maintenance or Regular Maintenance?

“High Maintenance” or just recommended scheduled maintenance? This is a topic that is brought up repeatedly in aesthetic medicine. How many times have you heard other people, or maybe even said it yourself, “I can’t believe she/he does botox, that is so vain”. There are so many different treatments at a medical spa that will improve your skin and decrease the signs of aging. Both as a practitioner, and a person who has done multiple aesthetic procedures, I would love those people that judge to give insight into where the line is drawn. For instance, a person who has a 6 step skin routine, are they vain? Or, do they need to have the 6 step skin routine and do facials every 2 months. Does that push them over the edge into the vain or high maintenance category? Maybe it is when people start doing botox, or maybe it is when they succumb to plastic surgery. While I would like to have an open-forum debate on this issue, all I have is this blog, so I’m going to give you my opinion/analogy.

My main issue with this topic is that all people have things in their life that they are particular about. For me, I will admit, one of those things is my appearance. Some people may say that this makes me high maintenance, fake, or whatever choice word they come up with. However, they are only looking at me in one aspect of my life. If I am not at work, I am usually on my couch, no make-up, hair wadded up, in sweats or pajamas. If I am not at home, I am most likely at Walmart or TJ Maxx, in the same state, in my sweats or pajamas. So just because I like to take care of my skin, and keep some wrinkles at bay, does that make me “high maintenance”?. Can a person really judge someone for wanting to slow down signs of aging? Do they really know all the facts about the treatments?

On the flip side, lets take for example another one of the things a lot of people are particular about. Do you know anyone that is a fanatic about their car? Not necessarily the make/model, but the upkeep? The outside is always sparkling, and the inside is detailed every other day? Know anyone like that? I still give my husband crap about his teenage days, always out in the driveway, wearing his muscle shirt, washing and waxing his powder blue Camaro. Why did I think he was being “over-the-top” or “high maintenance” with the care of his car? Was it the fact that he was washing it? The fact that he was waxing it? Or the fact that he did it every weekend? My car in high-school would overheat all the time, had a few dents from hitting a pole or two, and was starting to rust. I didn’t care. It worked for me. The signs of wear and tear didn’t bother me. In fact, I don’t think that car was ever serviced, and was maybe washed twice by way of being in the parking lot at the same time as the cheerleader car wash event. I really can’t pinpoint why I thought my husband was being ridiculous about the care of his car. I think it was only because I could have cared less about the appearance of my car. So, is it fair for me to judge just because I don’t think it is important?

Taking a step back, I really think that some things in life are just more important to one person than they are to another. People take their cars for maintenance to keep them functioning and keep the appearance up. If you don’t, eventually things will start breaking down. As an aesthetic nurse practitioner, I can tell you that I recommend people take their “skin” for maintenance for the same reasons, to keep them functioning and keep up the appearance. Your skin is a very important organ, and once people start taking care of their skin, they avoid a lot of issues such as acne which can lead to scarring, actinic keratosis, basal cell, dryness, oiliness, and more!

So, whether it is how you take care of your car, the way you make your kids lunches with cutouts and love notes, the way you keep your house like it is going to be featured in a magazine, or maybe the way you take care of your skin/body. We all have our “thing”. I believe if you are going to “judge”, then you definitely should write a book on guidelines for people. Include chapters on all types of so called “high maintenance”/excessive behaviors, so that we know when we’ve gone over the edge. Our society is so judgmental. It is hard enough to just get through the day doing our jobs and taking care of family. The last thing we need is to worry about other people and their opinions of what we do that they don’t agree with (unless it is something that is effecting the health/safety of others). Some of you are strong enough to not not care, but some of use find that hard to do. So, I just want say, people can think what they want, but if they are going to be critical and VOICE their opinion, be prepared for a counter attack. Everyone has something they are passionate about:)

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