IV Hydration...It's finally here!

Well...it is finally here! Refresh Med Spa is offering IV Hydration! What are the benefits of IV hydration? Let me explain. The experience is amazing, and while it can drastically change the way you feel, it is extremely beneficial for your body.

Have you ever felt “run down”, sluggish, or even like you are starting to get sick after flying on an airplane, running a marathon, or after a night of partying with maybe a few too many “adult” beverages? Well, these symptoms are usually due to a lack of hydration.

When we get dehydrated, your body loses multiple things essential for your body to function at an optimal level and allow you to feel “good”. These “things” include vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals. When we partake in activities that cause dehydration, we deplete our bodies of these things which lead to these feelings described above.

At Refresh Med Spa, we are offering intravenous drips to replace fluid, vitamins, antioxidants, and medications depending on individual situations. Are you wondering why can’t just drink some water and take some oral medications or vitamins? Well you can, however, your body will only absorb up to 30%, and it will take a lot longer to feel the benefits because of the time it take for absorption through the gut. IV hydration can provide relief in as little as 45-60 minutes!

We are so excited to offer these services. Refresh will provide a “Hangover” drip, a “Beauty” drip, B12 injections and more! See the IV website page for more information, or call to book an appointment.

Scheduled Hangover Drip: $125

Last Minute Hangover Drip(not prescheduled): $160

House/Hotel call Hangover Drip: $100 for travel (one time fee no matter the # of patients), $150 for scheduled drip, $175 for last minute drip. Will treat 1-8 patients.

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