• Suzi Sailer

You are "BOOTIFUL"

At Refresh Med Spa, we put the "BOO" in Booty! Word on the street is that the butt is the new breast. Social media has accentuated the appeal of a round, tight, big booty. As a nurse practitioner practicing aesthetic medicine, the possibilities are intriguing, however my "booty" is essentially nonexistent, However, I can totally relate to my patients that desire to acquire something that they don't have. I appreciate everyone's opinion in regards to their own body and what is appealing to them. There is a lot of buzz in the plastic surgery world about the Brazilian Butt Lifts and the risk of complications. The popularity of this procedure has sky rocketed over the last 2 years. The downside is that even with an experienced plastic surgeon, the complication risks for a Brazilian Butt Lift is higher than most other cosmetic surgery. While most patients are hoping for "instant" results, there are other options to help patients acquire that "perfect" booty. Option one: good pair of padded Spanx. Option two: jeans created to give you a lift in the tush. Option three: a gazillion squats or an exercise program to build the booty (I have actual clients who have had AMAZING results with a focused training program). With many different non-invasive options available, I have to be honest and realistic as a mom and a business owner. Time is precious, and honestly between my kids, my husband, my business, and reality TV, I don't have the time to dedicate in order to plump up my booty. So, a very viable, non-invasive option is SCULPTRA Aesthetic injections. Sculptra aesthetic (injectable poly-L-lactic acid) works subtly and gradually over time to stimulate your body's ability to produce natural collagen. In the case of increasing the size of your booty, Sculptra Aesthetic is used off-label to plump the buttocks. The procedure usually takes 2 treatments sessions and the number of vials used is approximately 10/butt cheek. While the procedure is costly, in comparison to the risks of a surgical procedure, it is a very promising and the demand continues to rise. If you have questions, or would like to schedule a consultation, please call our office 402-499-0496.

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