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Treatments For Everyone

At Refresh Med Spa, we offer the latest and up-to-date treatments. There are multiple options to fit each person's individual needs. If you are looking to improve your skin health, we offer multiple types of hydra facials, peels, laser intense pulse light, laser resurfacing, and micro needling with plasma rich protein. For those looking to minimize wrinkles, we offer some of the same services used to improve skin health, but also offer neurotoxin and filler injections.

As a group of medical providers in the field of aesthetic medicine, we encourage all of our clients to schedule a consultation to talk about their concerns, and to discuss possible reasons for their areas of concern. The process of facial aging is effected by many different factors, and it is important to address the cause in order to maximize the effect of treatments. Our goal is for you to leave with realistic expectations, healthy skin, and satisfaction with the changes they have made. At Refresh Med Spa we are your partner in your transformation, and we will always be available for guidance, recommendations, and to answer any questions you may have!

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